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Major App Update: V2.0

The Team Innovative App has been updated to v2.0 and is now live on the play store!!! Many more advanced features have been added to the app now! Since I (Shripal) have learned pretty...


Optimised Stock Updated to V3.03!!

Hey Guys! Here is the Christmas gift for all Note 3 Users Most awaited and major update of Optimised Stock 3.0!! Version 3.03!! We would love to receive you donations from you! Donate here...


[Major Module Update] v1.6

Hello People! Another major update for CoolUI8 Mods Xposed Module! Enjoy 🙂 Changelog: v1.6 (19/12/2016): -Add Changelog view after updating module -Add Ads -Add more HD and VoLTE Icons (Provided by Abhay Kashyap) -Add...


Module Update: v1.5

Changelog: V1.5 (11/12/2016) -Add HD Icon from MIUI8 –Add BatteryBarMods (Ported from XuiMods by Zst123) –Add Clock Mods (Ported from XuiMods by Zst123) Download from here (Don’t forget to hit the Thanks! Button)


Module Update: v1.4

Changelog- v1.4 (07/12/16): -Added styles for Signal Bars –iOS –Circle Icons -VoLTE –Improved look of VoLTE Text –Added VoLTE in white rectangle like most phones Download from here