Control Engine

Hey guys! We have made an app which can interact with our Custom Kernel: Marvin and you can adjust several settings using the app. Currently, settings of Quick Charge and Wake Gestures (Still in BETA) are configurable from our app. We are working hard to add more features and make Wake Gestures functionality stable. You can drop comments to make suggestions. Stay Tuned!

New Features in v1.3-BETA Only:

– Fixed incompatibility issue with MAD OS

– Add Wake Gestures support (Some bugs like the old gesture’s app/action will be run when device is waken normally (from power button or from charging or from other source) and some actions are not working)

– Add Android 7.0+ Quick Tiles

– Add Android 7.1+ App Shortcuts

Existing Features:

– Show device details
– Control Quick Charge Settings
— Check kernel for quick charge support, if supported-
— Enable/disable quick charge
— Change maximum input AC Current
— Change maximum input USB Current
— Apply Quick Charge settings on Boot if the setting is enabled
– Check for App updates automatically
– Receive notifications for updates
– Reboot device
– Show changelog when app is updated

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Only compatible with our Custom Kernel: Marvin


To Join Beta Testing:

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Tested On:

RR – N – 20170608 with Marvin 1.0

Firehound – UNOFFICIAL with Marvin 1.0