The Team Innovative App

YoLo Cool Fans!

Team Innovative is back!


With a new Logo, and an APP!!!

Yes, you read that right!

An app solely made for Team Innovative Fans!

Hardcoded by me in Android Studio! (no online services used to make the app)

Everthing Original!!


Download Link:

Get it on Google Play
App Screenshots:


V2.1 (23/02/2017):
-Fixed crashes on Android 7.0+

V2.0 (17/02/2017):

-Updated for new website:
-Added advanced notifications
-More faster
-Added downloading option, downloads will be saved to Storage/Team Innovative/Downloads
-Action Bar will hide on scrolling
-Fixed Google Drive links not loading
-Added automatic app updates check
-Added splash screen
-Added Settings
-Other improvements

V1.7 (17/11/2016):
– Search will load results for on capstricks pages
– Added option to load external links within app
– Fixed the about app dialog showing admin app
– Images will now load within app
– Added support for on-site ads
– Changelog font size increased

V1.6 (10/11/2016):
– Added Search button to search content on website
– Added Capstricks Website in Navigation Drawer
– Fixed Bug displaying text “About” in options menu instead of “Webpage Info”
– Redesigned Webpage Info dialog
– Added Floating Action Button for sharing link
– Added Page Title in text while sharing a link
– Added option to keep screen on within app (for reading)

V1.5 (09/11/2016):
– You can now login/register to our website with your Facebook or Google account
– Added option to clear browsing data (so that the storage used by the app reduces)
– New notification icon
– Optimised Performance
– Added option for stopping page load
– Improved the refresh icon

V1.4 (31/10/2016):
– Added Confirmation dialog to exit the app
– Added option to copy URL in the “Webpage Info” Screen

V1.3 (28/10/2016):
– Updated for the new website under
– You can now open Team Innovative Website links across your device in the Team Innovative App
– Added “Page Info” in the options menu
– Updated Links for the new website:

V1.2 (24/10/2016):
-Fixed Layout issues on 1280*1920 devices
-Fixed Device Info on non-Coolpad devices
-Improved About dialog
-Improved Device Info dialog
-Added option to view changelog in about dialog
-Add CoolUI8 Themes support for Coolpad Note 5
-Improved ads Algorithm

Upcoming Features:
– Add login to website feature from the app (Will require too much efforts and time to integrate login into the app)


  • Completely Material and Modern UI Design
  • User Friendly
  • Swipe to Refresh page
  • Open external links in Chrome Custom Tabs (one of the latest feature in android apps)
  • Share links from within the app
  • Dynamic Loading of content (based on your device)
    -Optmised Stock Navigation Items only for Note 3/Lite devices on Optimised Stock ROM (Optimised Stock coming for Lite soon)
    -Automatic detection of whether the phone is of coolpad and android version, will add CoolUI6/ CoolUI8 Themes Navigation item accordingly
  • Firebase Integration
  • Notifications for new posts on our website so that you never lose a track of new and innovative things by us!
  • File Uploading on Web Pages completely supported without any hassles!
  • Material Snackbar at the bottom for opening items from the navigation drawer or for refreshing a page
  • Smoth material design progress bar to show page loading progress
  • You can send us an email directly from the app
  • Many More!!!

You can also email us to let us know which features you want in this app